NAKED FFO – Workshop with Mischa Badasyan

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NAKED FFO – Workshop with Mischa Badasyan

14.05.2019 | 19:00 – 21:00

Put yourself naked at the bottom of a waterfall. Take a seat on the rock and close your eyes. You have to wait till the water starts running. It is better with closed eyes so that you are able to meditate and be concentrated. Soon you can hear the water. It runs all the way from the top. It is a bit far away but it´s getting closer to you. On your right side you can hear the city and on your left side is the waterfall. I was always scared of nature. It is unpredictable and sometimes even violent. You never know what to expect. I was happy and excited but at the same time very nervous to sit at the waterfall. I didn’t know how does it feel to be covered by water. The rock is cold. Put you don’t feel anything, you are just overwhelmed and excited. Water is 20 meter away from you. There is a sound of water. 10 meter away, you can hear it clear. A little flow goes through the stones and touches your breast and your hips. Soon it will be a huge flow of water. I wanted to cry out of happiness but the cold water shrank my heart and so I couldn’t even breathe. My hands and my feet were turning blue. I couldn’t feel them anymore. I barely could inhale and exhale. Water was splashing my heart. I opened my mouth and started breathing heavily in order to survive. I became a water. My body turned into a rock. The human fall has come.

In the workshop NAKED FFO we will speak about social and political issues of naked body in the public space, how we can reclaim our cities and gain confidence. Through interactive exercises and video / photo presentations we can see examples of successful actions in Berlin and we will reflect on possibilities of similar actions in FFO.

WARNING: content is explicit and you are open for nudity.
Duration max. 2 hours

Every nice person is welcome!